Brookkeeping provides bookkeeping services to entrepreneurs, lifestyle business enterprise owners, and managers of construction, distribution and wholesale, light manufacturing, professional services, restaurants, and retail businesses.

Brookkeeping services are provided by experienced professionals with entrepreneurial, business ownership, executive, managerial, and financial experience.  We have experience in a wide variety of industries from sole proprietorships to large corporations.  Not only do we understand entrepreneurship and business startups, but we also understand the challenges they face as they grow.

We understand that businesses need to make a profit and generate cash to compensate their employees fairly, to provide value to their customers, and to pay their suppliers on time.

In our experience, we find that the earlier a business can engage a professional bookkeeper, the better their financial, managerial, and regulatory information will be.

We specialize in providing consulting and bookkeeping services to upwardly mobile entrepreneurs and lifestyle business owners who are in the startup, emerging, or growth phases of their business enterprises.

Our scope of services

We provide business, technology, and management consulting services through our main company, TechKnowPartners, LLC.

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